The Assistants

"When are they going to get hear?" I ask North.

"Jack is always late. It wouldn't surprise me if Lydia is late too." Bunnymund tells me.

I sigh. Tooth looks at me. "Hey, how are you feeling?" She asks me. I give her a toothy smile and say I'm fine.

I look around the room again. The room has a stone floor, but a rug is placed on top. Christmas lights are hung up around the columns.

Just then two silver haired people comes crashing through the room. 

“North. It’s been a while!” Jack says, standing up, and helping Lydia up.

“Ah, there he is, Jack Frost!” He says. “Is this Lydia?” I hear him ask.

“Yeah, I’m Lydia.” The girl says, walking up to North.

“Wow, You have changed a lot since the last time we have met. I take it you had a nice journey.” North asks.

“Oh yeah, I defiantly like being grabbed by Jack and appear in a strange place with people I don’t know.” Lydia says sarcastically.

“Ah, well we better introduce ourselves again. I am North, Santa. And this is Bunnymund, the Ester Bunny. Tooth, the Tooth Fairy. And Sandy, the Sand Man.” He says pointing to everyone in the room, but me and the assistants. 

“Hey, I know you!” I speak up, flying out behind Tooth.

“Excuse me who are you?” She asks, looking at me like she thinks we have met before.

“I am Adam. I am Tooth’s assistant." I say.

“And I am Heather, North’s assistant.” I hear a girls voice coming out from a room. She walks up to us, passing North, wearing Black pants, a red top, and a big brown belt. She has a cookie in her hand, and throws it away when she sees our faces.

“Hey! I think I know you two!” She says to Lydia. Before I can even speak, she starts to speak again: “This is Bruce, Easter Bunny’s assistant obviously.”

She points to a girl in fur, that looks like a giant rabbit. Her cheeks look really soft, and she has brown leather knee pads with gems on them, she also has the same style arm pads on as Bunnymund.

“Obviously” Lydia says.

"And this is Gemma, assistant of the Sand Man.” She points to a girl sat down on the floor leaning against a column, sleeping. She is dresses in gold dust, an her hair is floating like her clothes.

“She is a  quiet one, and she doesn’t speak. She can tell us things by giving us signs from dream dust." I tell Lydia

“Wait, wait, wait!” Lydia starts. “What do you mean assistants?”

“You didn’t tell her?” Tooth says to Jack.

“Hey, if she is like me, you know what is going to happen next.” Jack tells Tooth jumping onto a table.

Everyone then starts to argue with Jack. I see Lydia snach the staff out of his and, and bang it against the column that Gemma is sleeping on, waking her up.

“What’s going on!?” she yells.

“Man in moon has chosen you to be a assistant for the guardians!” Heather tells her.

“Queue the music!” North says, and the elves come out playing brass instruments. “NO Music!” Lydia yells. The music stops, and everyone looks at her.

“Why me?” she asks.

“My thoughts exactly.” I hear Bruce say.  We ignore her giving a high five to Bunnymund.

“Well man in moon chose you. You have to be important.” Tooth says.

“Look, I don’t know what you are thinking, but we are important. We need to help the guardians for the children." North says leading us to the centre of the building. A big globe is in the middle of it.

“All of those lights are a child that believes in them. Recently the lights have gone down in number. Its up to us, the assistants to help children believe in the guardians again.” I tell Lydia.

The End

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