Jack Frost and the new Lydia

                                              It was freezing, dim, and I was afraid.

I was lifted out of the ice, and the moon was shining on me. Trickles of water still on my face, as I floated back to the ground. Where the ice was cracked It sealed up, just by my feet touching it. I walked towards the moon, looking at my feet, making jagged ice patterns. I look up to the moon, and I hear someone breathing behind me. I turn around and see a boy, staring at me. Just by looking at his face I remembered him.

“Jack?” I ask, blinking my eyes.

“You said my name! You said-”

“Jack Frost.” I say again. He laughs, and keeps looking at me.

“So, are we going to satay hear all night or are we going to say something?” I ask.

“Oh of course.  Come in. You are cold right? Come with me.” He tells me. I do what he says. The room looks more lighter than before. Snow is falling from the ceiling. I reach up and touch it. The single snowflake lands on my index finger and lasts for five seconds. I smile at it whilst Jack unlocks a door.

“Hear we go.” He says, opening the door, and showing me a little room.

On the left, is a small rack of clothes. On the right a small frozen ice silhouette of me. I walk over to it and touch the detailed mini me.

“I worked on it for a week, non stop.” He says.I am impressed.

“I didn’t know what you would like, but I have got you a few things for you to wear. I will be outside if you need anything.” He tells me. I nod my head, and close the door. I look through the riles, and pick something. I get changed out of my sopping wet clothes, into brown ripped shorts, a white plain t-shirt and a blue zip up hoody. I see a mirror in the corner of the room, and I walk to it. I squeeze the rest of the water out of my long shiny white hair, and look at my eyes. They are the same blue as Jack’s. I think to myself. In fact I look just like him!

I come out of the small room, catching another snowflake.

“Right, we need to go now.” He tells me.

“What? Where to?” I ask. He grabs his staff of the table, and holds me tightly with his right arm. “Hey! Get of me!” I yell. He doesn’t listen. Jack creates a snowflake and whispers in my ear: “I am glad you are back.” I could feel his cold lips next to my cheack. “What are you doing?” I yell.

The End

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