History repeats istelf

We start to clap for her, and they walk over to us. She doesn’t move a muscle. She looks at them, and we are all talking at the same time about it. Everyone North me. I can see his expression is not like the rest of us. It’s more lonely, and afraid.

The ice moves between Lydia's feet, and starts to brake. She looks at me, and I falls. Deep, deep, deep into the cold water. I stretch my arm reaching out for her but I didn’t make it. She already slipped into the ice.

"What just happened!?” I ask, scratching at the ice. Trying to get her back. “Just let her go.” North tells me.
“What do you mean?” I shouts at him, not leaving the ground.

“I knew she wasn’t going to be my assistant because I have already found mine. It was when everyone was gone. I was the only one at the Pole and decided to start the mission with out you. Anyway I discovered Man in Moon preserves their bodies so they will be able to survive the conditions we work in, and the ageing of us. They will all be alright. They will all come back at the same time, and then we will all have assistant. We will all pass our gifts on to them.” North tells me.

“She was like me.” I whisper.

North pats me on the shoulder, and says: “I know I know. We better go. Get some rest now Jack.” He tells the rest of the guardians.


After another long day of making children have fun, I usually go to visit North or Tooth to talk about my problems and stories. But this time, I go home a bit earlier today.  It has been a year since Lydia has been frozen in my tower. It was hard to see her family suffer. I went to her house almost every night for a week. Then I decided not to make myself suffer anymore. I create a snowflake and return back to my world. I fly pass the frozen lake, which we once skated on together. Then I fly to my balcony. I watch her face, just there. Her eyes closed, looking so peaceful, so quiet. I look at her draw, and the snowflake we once sheered. I remember all of the fun times we have had in that one night. I go to the balcony and sit on it and stare to the moon. “When will it be time?” I ask him. “When will the waiting be over? When will she come back to me? What will happen after?” There is no reply. “You chose her for me. It was your choice. Just tell me this one thing…. why?”

Just then I hear cracking of ice. I jump up, my staff in hand. Back against the wall outside, I look in the room. And I see…

The End

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