Jack's world is full of ice and snow. His tall tower is in the middle. The tower full of different ice patterns and icicles.  Around it are snow barriers.  And there are patches of frozen lakes all around.

“Wow” Lydia says. "I can not believe it." Jack takes her hand and we runs. "My feet don't even feel cold, they actually feel warm!" She shouts back.

 They run in the snow, to the frozen lake.

I sigh. "What's the matter North? You haven't been yourself all week." Tooth tells me.

"I can't tell you. You will see soon enough." I tell her. I don't want her to know the truth before Jack does.

"I don't understand." She tells me.

"I know. I know. Look at them. They look like they are having so much fun." I tell Tooth, pointing over to the frozen lake. I can see the little girl holding onto the side. And Jack skating like an expert. We walk over to the lake.

“What are you waiting for?” Jack yells. “I don’t know how to skate.” Lydia says. He skates over to her, holds her hands, and they skate together. “We will take it easy. One foot in front of the other. That’s it.” He says encouraging her. She does what he says, and Lydia starts to skate on her own. Sandy, Tooth, Bunnymund and I come on the ice and we skate for a long time.


Jack then takes us to his tower. We walk the spiral staircase on the third floor we are in his main office. He walks over to his balcony. It doesn’t look like an office. There is a Ice floor. With lovely swerved patterns. Snow falls from the ceiling, and all around us is snowflake shaped draws. Every one different. “Now, I have something for you.” Jack says to Lydia.

He opens one of the snowflake draws, and shows Lydia a snowflake. “What does it do?” She asks. “It shows you.” He tells us, his bright blue eyes looking into Lydia's chocolate brown ones. “It shows all the fun things you have with the ones who are important to you. And the ones that you are important to. A snowflake can see anything and anyone. It can see through lots of peoples eyes, and there feelings about you.” He explains. He holds her hand and touches the snowflake. They disappear for a few seconds.

 They then come back. A tear trickles down her face. "I saw my family, Jim, Heather, Bruce, and Dad. I have not seen him since I was two. I feel so loved, and wanted." She tells us.

She smiles and giggles. Lydia looks into jack's eyes. “They want me. They need me.” Lydia tells us. Jack gives her a look to say “I looked like that when I was believed in.”

Just then a brighter glow then before comes out of Lydia's pocket. She smiles and laughs again. Jack laughs. She look at me, so full of excitement. I can feel what's coming next. My belly starts to rumble and hurt. The glow lifts Her off the floor, and she look to the left. Out of the balcony I can see the moon. It lifts Lydia towards the moon, and puts her back down on the ice floor. We look at the crystal and it has turns ice blue.

The End

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