Tricked by darkness

Nothing. I am actually glad about this. Then from no where a boomerang is thrown right over my head.

“Get away from him!” Bunnymund says. Then the rest of them comes out of the shadows, all with there weapons.

“Get away from her Pitch.” Jack says, tightening his grip on his staff.

“Well, look who it is. I thought that she was you actually.” Pitch says his hand on my shoulder.

“Go away. No body wants you. Stay in your lair.” Jack says. I can’t help but feel like he is talking to be, when I know he is talking to Pitch.

Pitch gives me a shove, and says: “I can’t use you anymore. You are not wanted by me.”

“No, but she is wanted by me.” Jack says, grabbing my waste and pulling me into him.

“Not just by Jack, by all of us.” Tooth says. Another tear slides down my face. I feel loved and wanted. Pitch slides away into the shadows. Sandy puts an arm on my back, and we head back Bunnymund’s burrow.

“I am sorry.” I whisper.

“It’s fine.” North says.

“I guess there is only one of us left.” Tooth says. Jack makes a snowflake and we all magically enter his world.

The End

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