Running into a nightmare

I start to feel my eyes tearing up. I get up and run as fast as I can away from everyone. Through the mossy tunnels, all I can see are eggs on legs. I start to cry. I think to myself the moon was wrong. I keep running until I can see nothing. It’s dark, and there are no eggs in sight. “Jack frost. You are back again?” I hear someone say from behind. Jack? Oh right I am still wearing his hoody. I hear foot steppes from In front of me. I look forward and from the shadows I can see a dark character with way too much jell on his head. 

“Who are you?” I say to him, standing more tall.

“I am your worst nightmare.” The shadowy character announces.

“I don’t understand.” I say, backing away.

“I know your worst fear, and every nightmare you have ever had.” He says.

“I am not scared of you. All of my fears and nightmares turn out to be fine, and they go away like nothing has ever happened.” I say, walking away, thinking he is a mad man.

“All but one.” He then shouts at me. I stop in my tracks and look back.

“Ahh, now you see.” He says.

“How do you know about that!” I ask. He goes back into the shadows and giggles. I follow him and he keeps talking.

“You have been afraid for a long time.” I can see his shadow on the wall and follow it.

“You are afraid that you will never be wanted, or needed.” I follow the shadow and it changes to my shadow. I can then see another shadow and it starts to move. I then follow that one.

 “Why would you ever be wanted? Who would need you to do anything?” He starts I come back into the dim light. He keeps repeating it over and over again. "Why would you be needed? why would you be wanted? Why would you be needed? why would you be-"

 “STOP!” I shout as loud as I can. I then kneel down on the ground.

“Wow, you really are strong. A good pair of lungs.” He says. He comes out of the darkness.

“I think you are a little lost.” He says. “I can make you feel wanted. I can teach you the art of darkness. I can show you peoples fears and make turn the greatest thing against them in just a few words. We can be unstoppable together. You will be needed for this plan, and I will become powerful again!” He says next to me showing me his dark lair. “I don’t think so.” I say feeling strongly about my opinion.

"But. If you are not with me. Then you will never be wanted, or needed. Ever." He whispers in my ear. "So, will you be joining me, and my plan?"

"I don't know" I say feeling the crystal in my pocket. I take a quick look at it and…

The End

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