Painting eggs

We slip and slide in Bunnymund’s tunnels, he is hopping in front of us, I fly round, trying to doge the tunnels, and the people sliding around. Sandy, Jack, North and me are slipping and sliding around, all bumping into one another. Then we can see a light at the end of the fresh green grass.

We all jump out, and North is thrown on the floor, Lydia landing on top of him, and Sandy and Jack have landed on top of her.

“Are you alright?” North asks them. Lydia gets up give a little giggle and says “yeah” Jack agrees, and well Sandy doesn't complain.

" Amachures." I hear Bunnymund whisper. "Welcome to my burrow." He then says to us. Lydia looks gob smacked. I can tell she is impressed. I am still very disappointed that she is not my assistant. I think she would have been perfect. Just her amazing teeth made me get goose bumps. She looked like she could handle peoples important memories. There would have been so much that I would teach her. Anyway, it's not up to me what her centre is. It's up to her, and the moon. I do hope the moon is right. Just two guardians left. Bunnymund and Jack. I wonder who it will be. 

"Right. Let's go and explore." Bunnymund tells us. We go and explore Bunnymund’s world. Lydia climbs up the little hills and the rocks. We all have a lot of races together, and some times Bunnymud carries Lydia for extra speed. Then after the races we all sit down on the grass, next to a lake, and start to paint eggs.

"Let's make it a competition." I tell them.

"Oh yeah, you are going down Peter Cotton tail." Jack tells him.

"Nah mate, I have ben doing this thing for centuries. I think you are the one that's going down." Bunny tells Jack. They argue about this all through the compaction.

"And the winner is..." I start, announcing the winner, "Sandy!" Sandy smiles and shows his egg to all of us.

"Alright, you show off. Let's now dig in!" Bunnymund says changing the subject. Lydia looks surprised, and doesn't eat her egg. Everyone looks confused. Sandy has a question mark above his head. She sighs. “I don’t like eggs.” I confesses. We all look sad, and she  remembers the crystal.  She take it out, and nothing happens. Again. I can then see a tear roll down her cheack.

The End

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