Dream Dust

Iuse some magical dream dust to teleport them to my world. Bunnymud holding Lydia's hand as we go across. He is a tiny bit travel sick. I discovered that on the sleigh.

My world is full of sand. My kingdom is glittery, but not made of sand. It is a small castle on a cloud of sand. The castle turrets moves around, but the main building stays still. I doesn’t say anything, to them about my world. But I shows them. All around the castle is sand creatures, and dreams. I get a grain of sand of the floor and create a shape of two people. Lydia looks at it and then realises it's her friend• I wave my hand to say “Explore my world” Jack grabs Lydia's hand and then Jack leads her to the big dinosaur. North and Tooth are together, and walk towards the zebra and the dolphin. They are now riding them. I create a plane, look over to Bunnymund, and point to the plane. "Nah, I think I will still stay hear for a while. I have had enough traveling for one day. I Gly around the castle, and I can see the others riding my dream dust creatures.

I then We see Bunnymund sinking in the sand! Lydia and Jack get to him before I do. They fly down, and pull him out of the sand. He is now on the dinosaur with them. In this world we don’t need words to describe the feelings and emotions, so it is very hard for me to explain.


After some time we all come back to where we started.

“That was so much fun!” Lydia says, climbing of the dream dust creature.

“It was wasn’t it?” North said.

“I almost forgot why we where hear, I had so much fun!” She says. She then gets the crystal out of Jack’s hoody again. Yet again nothing! I thought it would really be her. But I guess not. No words can describe the disappointment on my face. Everyone is shocked. Then Tooth pats Lydia on the back, and gives me a look to say: “we have to carry on before sunrise.”

“Right Sheila! Are you ready?” I hear Bunnymund say. I give him a grin, and nod my head.



The End

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