Tooth Palace

We came into Tooth Palace with a smooth landing. (Although Jack teases me about being travel sick.) The palace is bumpy, and has different beads all around it. There are, fairies there, but they look like humming birds, all around us.

Tooth flies out of the sleigh and introduces the place. She rambles on and on and on about her place. She gives us a tour. I look at the little Sheila, and she looks more interested in this world than North's. She is more awake too. We go into her big office, with lots of shelves (containing teeth) around her, and little She then stops and looks at Lydia.

"Right. I love this part!” Tooth starts, taking her hand and pulling her to the centre of the room. She looks at us, and see us smiling at her. I look at Jack and say: "Remember when Tooth was doing this to you?"
"Yeah. My gums still hurt a bit." He tells me. We then look back to her. I bet she is thinking: How do they know what's happening and I don’t?

“Open up! Let’s look at those purely whites.” She says getting exited. “Wait. What?” Lydia says confined, backing away a bit. Then she hovers more and sticks her fingers in Lydia's mouth. Lydia try's and say something, but she can’t. “Wow. You have lost all of your baby teeth. They are so straight. No braces, and they look so white!” Tooth says fast.

“Tooth fingers out of mouth now.” North says, then Tooth apologises. We walk out of the office. Lydia tells us about how cool she thinks this place is, and how she think's this is her centre. And then she stumbles, and hit a fairy, She runs to it, and trip up on the teeth it was carrying. She falls and burse her knee. North and Sandy help me her up, and then Lydia takes the crystal out of Jack’s hoody’s pocket. Again nothing happens.

“I don’t think it’s for me after all.” she sniffles, staring at the crystal. Then, Tooth gives her a hug. “Who’s next?” She asks, trying to be strong.
 Sandy puts his hand up.


The End

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