The North Pole

Lydia was thrown across the room, and landed at a big hairy yeti. She screamed in it’s face and it screamed at her. It ran, and she ran in the opposite way.

"What an entrance." I say after I laughed hard. She gives me the evils and I walk away.

She then look around at the place, and the others.  North talks about the North Pole and all of the toys built here. He rambles on and on and on. He is walking down the halls still talking, on, and on, and on. Tooth, Sandy, and Bunnymud at the front. Lydia and I at the back.

“Hey.” I say to her.

“What?” she asks.

“You look cold.” I say.

“I am” she replies, rubbing her hands against my arms. I look at her in her short sleeved top, and her red spotty bottoms.

“Hear.” I say lifting my hoody off. And then pass it to her. Now everyone can see my old dirty white shirt.

“Thank you.” She says putting it on.  "I thought it would be cold, but surprisingly it’s warm." She tells me. she then puts the crystal, in my hoody pocket. We race to the others, and I win. North then turns around to me.

So, what do you think?” He asks Lydia. She look at them hopefully, and smile. “You have to be truthful” Tooth reminds her.

"I kind of grew out of toys years ago. These things don’t make me feel happy anymore, not like it does with Jim anyway.” She says looking deep into North’s eyes.  “Sorry.” she says in a whisper looking to the ground. She then get the crystal out and nothing happens.

“No hard feelings. It’s fine. You are still on the nice list.” He says in his thick Russian ascent. The he says: “I know you don’t like toys, but I bet you would like a sleigh ride!” He asks. I smile, with excitement.  I can see Lydia gulps. We then get lead into a small room surrounded by yetis and elves.

“I don’t think I should be shoved into a old-” She starts. Then the sleigh comes out, of the shadows. I can see the cool sleigh painted green and red with jet power as well as the reindeer. The pattern on the side is reindeer heads, and the map is a giant globe in the middle of the riders seat.

“You where saying?” North looks at me with his arms folded. “I was saying… that I would LOVE to have a sleigh ride!” She tells us, with excitement like me. I can't help but think back to my first sleigh ride. Amazing!

We jump on the sleigh, and Lydia sits next to Tooth and Sandy at the back. North has to pull Bunnymud on board, and I sit next to him. We whoosh out of the icy halls, and spin around dodging the icicles. I out my hands up in the air and shout “Wooho!” as loud as I can. Sandy does the same. We then shoot out of the long hall, and into the freeing air. “So where are we going next?” Lydia asks North. “Next we are going to Tooth palace.” He replied giving her a big cheesy smile.



The End

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