I am Chosen?

I heard some voices, and I wake up in the middle of the night.

"Wake her up already."

"Look, she is waking!"

My Vashon is blurd. Then it becomes clear to who they are. I sit up, and turn on my lap light. It's clear who they all are suppose to be. Santa, Ester Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman! I rub my eyes in disbelieve, and lean up.

"What's happening?" I ask the people standing at the end of my bed.

"Well, we are: Tooth, Bunnymund, Sandy, and North." A fury rabbit tells me, pointing to all of the people staring at me. 

"You are chosen by the moon." A Russian Santa replies.

"I don't understand" I say confused. The Tooth Fairy, who looks a bit like a humming bird, comes and sits on my bed, next to me.

“You have been chosen for a very special purpose" She tells me. I get up out of my bed 

“I know you don’t understand Sheila, but you need to come with us.” The Ester Bunny said in an Australian ascent.

Then Santa holds out a see-through crystal.“This will help you to find your centre.” He says, giving it to me.

 I clutch it in her hands tightly. A powerful glow comes out of it. I try to hide the bright light, in my hands, but I can't it is too powerful. My brown hair floats around wildly, and then settles.

“What does this mean?” I asks them,as I hold the crystal tightly in my palm.

“This mean that Man in Moon is right.” Easter said, taking my hand. His fury paw feels so soft. Sandman nods his head agreeing with the Easter Bunny.

  “Where’s Jack Frost?” Tooth then asks. “He is running a bit late I think” North said. I could then see Bunnymund's eyes roll in the back of his head sarcastically, to say typical.

Just then Jack Frost knocks on the window, I run barefoot to him. I unlock the window and let him in. “So, it’s Lydia who has been chosen?” Jack asks, his blue eyes looking deep into my deep chocolate eyes. “Apparently so.” Bunnymud says.

"Right. I think we need to explain it a bit more better." Bunnymund says. Just then Sandy shows me some pictures and symbols. "I don't think she is going to get all of that." North says.

"Right, I will try and explain." Tooth says. "The Man in the Moon as selected five teenagers, to be the Guardian's assistants. He thinks that there are too many children that stop believing in the guardians too fast."

"Since we were almost destroyed by Pitch Black, children have stopped be living in us faster than usual. They used to stop believing at around twelve, now they stop believing around eight." Bunnymund tells me.

"The five teenagers are all chosen to be trained by the guardians, and help them do their jobs, faster and more powerful. And so children will believe for longer. Maybe forever." Tooth finishes.

"So, I am one of those five?" I ask, still a bit tired. Sandy nods. "We only have until sunset to find your centre. The moon won't work for more than a night, so we better get moving. Jack tells me.

“Let’s go!” North announces, putting his hand in his covered in soot, red suit, and holding out a snow globe.  He brakes it against the wall, revealing a portal. We all jump in. Jack pushing Bunnymund in and Sandy holding my hand.




The End

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