A typical day

The man in the moon as selected five teenagers, to be the Guardian's assistants. He thinks that there are too many children that stop believing in the guardians too fast. They are all chosen to be trained by the guardians, and help them do their jobs, faster and more powerful. However, EVERYONE, has a assistant...

(before I would like to start I would just like to apologise for my last story. It was really an experiment, and it went wrong. Sorry again. I will never do anything like that again. I just want to do this story.)

My name is Lydia. I am fifteen years old, and not really loving it. I am noticed by the world, but I want to be more than noticed. Maybe you don't understand. I can't explain it very well. Anyway, I am happy with my friends and family. I have a little brother (Jim)two amazing best friends. Heather  speaks her mind . She doesn't care what anyone thinks. Bruce is cool, always telling me to listen to this music, or read this book. I don't know where she gets all of these cool things from. And me? Well I am the brave one. The one who is not afraid of anything. The one who falls asleep of boredom in the "Scary" movies. We always laugh together.

"So, what are you hoping to get for Christmas?" I ask them.

"I asked Santa for a new bike. You know how I ride it everyday for school? It's sort of getting rusty, and it brakes easy." Heather tells me.

"What about you Bruce? What's Santa bringing you?" I ask her.

"First of all, I am asking for a Green Day t-shirt! I am dead exited. Second of all Santa isn't real." She tells us.

"He is." Heather pleaded.

"Oh come on. He is not real." She tells Heather.

"He is. Next you will be telling me the Ester Bunny isn't real." She says.

"No, the Ester Bunny is real, but Santa isn't." She corrects Heather.

"The Ester Bunny isn't real! I was just kidding about that!" Heather says.

I can tell where this is going so, I reach to the ground and pic up some snow, and moulds it into a ball.

"Snowball fight!" I yell hitting Heather in the face. "Oops. I didn't mean to do that." I tell her.

"You will regret it." She says wiping it off her face and starts to make another snowball. I run away, and hide behind the tree Bruce is leaning on.

"What are you dong?" She asks. Before I can reply, Heather hits Bruce with a snowball.  

"Oops. I didn't mean that." She says sarcastically.

"Right. You asked for it." Bruce says, crouching down and making a snowball. Next think I know everyone is joining in. ******************************************************************************* When I come home from school, I take Jim out to the park. We made snow angels, and a snowman. "Hey Bruce." I shout. She is with her older sister Charlotte, and her younger brother Jake. Jake is in year sever, but he is the same height as Jim. Jim and Jake play around in the snow, whilst Bruce, Charlotte and I talk.

"It's getting dark Jim, we need to go back now." I tell him. He begs for ten more minutes. I tell him yeah as long as he is fine not getting anything of Santa. He immediately comes with me.

We have mum's yucky carrot soup. She says it is posh, but it looks like slop. I let Jim have one of my biscuits I have in my room. I then tuck Jim up in bed, watch Waterloo Road with Mum, and then go to bed.

Just a typical, normal day. I think to myself, as I go to sleep.




The End

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