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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the Zann Consortium, led by the ruthless Tytan Zann, has orchestrated a master plan to improve his criminal empire within the Galaxy. After beginning his blockade of the Y'Toub system, cutting the Hutts off from the rest of the Galaxy, Zann ordered Morda the Hutt to sign a peace treaty. After this was violently declined, Hutt/Zann relations rapidly decreased and Tytan began a full hostile takeover of the Hutt Cartel.

Nar Shaddaa. My home world. During the day it was an ugly sight, sickly green smog oozing from the Undercity like a pus-filled spot had burst. Unsightly, ragged scrapers rose up from the city surface as iron ribs. Layers of buildings upon building, dark and grey against the cloudy sky. During the day it was clear that Nar Shaddaa was a stagnant piece of filth, but at night it really came alive.
Black silhouetted against a deep purple sky rich as wine. Neon lights of every colour shone from signs, striplights, searchlights and building windows. You might say like a rainbow, but that would be far too naíve. More like colour as varied as a saber in a gangster's back. But the light was distorted by the smoke so the world looked high, almost ethereal. Or so they used to tell me.
But that was before the planet got glassed several hundred years ago. Since then the planet was rebuilt and security was tightened. Scrapers rose high and golden, walkways were polished and lined with trees and all manner of exotic greenery. Nar Shaddaa had gone sober.
Not for long.
Pretty shortly after, the Hutts retook their smugglers moon and used the new, stricter security measures to exact harsher tolls on those patrons more burdened with goods, whilst an increasing number of "refugees" had to pay little, if anything. On the outside, Nar Shaddaa is still a pretty little flower, on the inside, it's the Mother plant of a Feeder and all the little feeders still hang around the numerous bars and dives the world has to offer. The Sith bombardment of Nar Shaddaa only served to the benefit of the Hutts. A smuggler can make a profit off that.
But things are different now.
The Zann Consortium led by Tyber went from strength to strength After the Battle of Yavin. Their criminal empire became vast and they were a massive threat to the Republic in a way that the more neutral Hutts never were. Illegally owning seats in the Senate however, there was nothing the Republic could do and they have remained untouched and vast for hundreds of years, building up their Criminal Empire.
The 400 years After the Battle of Yavin, with Tytan Zann as their leader now, they are trying something they have not often dared to do in the past. The Zann Occupation of the Hutt Cartel. A blockade surrounds the system, ceasing all trade and travel both to and from the Hutts. Envoys were sent to negotiate a treaty with Morda the Hutt which in turn, were sent back to Tytan without heads. Things got violent quickly and the planets of the system are at war both on the ground and in space.
It is hard to tell who will win. Whilst the Zann have superior numbers and the advantage of the blockade, they've rarely fought with the Hutts on such a level, and those slimy bastards know how to fight on their own turf.
Things are hard right now, and I'm pretty damn sure they won't get easier. But we have to do what we can. We have to protect the Hutts from the hands of the Zann. This is our damn planet, our money and our freedom!

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