Chapter OneMature

Lorlei Luinwe joins the ranks of the Corona, Futara Dep., Albedo Space station where she will try to help the human race find another world to inhabit. But as the months turn to years in their search for salvation, everyone begins to question the futility of their mission.
This is just for fun, and doesn't really have a solid plot. I don't mind critique, but I probably wont apply it to my work because this is, as I said, just something to pass the time with.

The lights were almost too bright for me to be able to see clearly, even with the mandatory eye protectors. The eye protectors were basically jazzed up sunglasesses, I don't think the designers put too much effort into them. But, I'm not really surprised with the limited resources back home.

The two men in front of me looked back every now and then to make sure I was following them. This entire area of the ship was silent, save for a few brief, quiet conversations in doorways. 

The sound of my boots tapping on the bright white flooring was invading my mind, driving me insane for the long five minutes it took to get to my cabin. 

The sound of my boots tapping on the deck was invading my mind, the clacking bouncing off the insides of my skull; driving me insane for the long five minutes it took to arrive at my cabin door.

The door was labelled "09" in lurid yellow lighting, burning even brighter than the white lights of the corridor. I looked up as one of the men cleared his throat, 'This cabin will be your home until you turn eighteen, here is your key card,' he handed me a cold plastic rectangle, 'from now on it is also your identification card.'

'Thank you, Sir,' I smiled, looking at the metal edged key before sliding it through the code reader. With a loud bleeping noise which painfully cut through the silence, the door slid open with a small whoosh. I stepped inside. It was cold, and completely empty other than a white wardrobe, bed and desk.  The entire room was a brilliant white which blinded me momentarily, and left me with a slight headache. 

The other man stepped in after me, and after closer inspection I realised it was a woman. She turned me briskly, 'this cabin is also a functioning escape pod. In the case of an emergency please calmly make your way to your own room. If the alarms have been sounded then an additional code reader will appear on the inner doorway. The pods are designed to sustain only one human life form at a time and will have enough oxygen, food and water to keep only one human alive for a maximum of three months.'

I felt my stomach drop in terror at the thought of being alone in this terrible room for three months. I shuddered and stood up straight, 'I understand, Ma'am.' 

She then proceeded to walk to the other side of my cabin, 'here, lend me your card,' she held her hand out as I passed  her it. The woman scanned a sensor in the wall with it and a camera was revealed from behind a small white circle screen. 

'We provide all of our soliders with a log camera, with which you can create a diary of your life here. You can decide yourself if you would like them to be personal, or available to the Albedo for experimental purposes.' She stared hard at me as thought of my answer.

'I would prefer to keep the logs personal, Ma'am.' I replied curtly. 

'You will recieve a message when you are called for duty. Food is served all day and you are allowed three meals a day with unlimited water. Supplements will be provided also. As you were.' She informed me before promptly leaving the room.

I sighed and sat on the edge of my bed. It was a lot of information to take in, but I'd manage. I glanced over at the camera and grumbled as I shuffled over to it.

I scanned my card and a red light just next to the camera signified that it was recording. 

Looking into the camera awkwardly, I began. 

''First log: Lorelei Luinwe, three stars Futara in the Corona dep. Date? 1st of April, 3040.

Life on Earth is dwindling. War, famine and fluctuating climates now dictated how we would go about our daily lives. And we have no one to blame but ourselves for this godawful mess we're in. 

So that's exactly why I am here in the Albedo Space Station. The Albedo movement encouraged young adults to join them, and I fell in love with their ideals. They were fighting for everything I knew the world really needed, even if all of human kind was blind to it. 

My entire family was against me coming here. So, sorry I guess? But they will all understand some day, when we find the perfect new world for us to move to. Then I'll be there to help create a new Earth which will be perfect and we wont destroy it like we have with the current one. 

It's kind of scary here, no one really talks and everything is just... white. And I'm also pretty sure that no one tells each other their names 'cause I wasn't asked mine and wasn't talked anyone else's. 

The specifics of my mission is unclear right now, but in the Corona department I know we're focusing on technology and developing ecological machines and equipment. In the Flight ranks I'm a Fighter. So basically, if we come into contact with non-peaceful lifeforms then I'm on the frontline if there is a war... which is pretty scary too I think. 

Um.. anyway, I have to go eat... bye?''

I ran my fingers through my hair. I longed to run them through to the waist-length tips which were no longer there. When I joined the Albedo I was told it was going to have to be cut to my chin or shaved off. 

There were no mirrors in my room, either. I guess I wouldn't really need them if my hair was this short and I wasn't to wear makeup. I sighed again as I left my cabin and after a quick glance at the ship map I was easily able to find my way to the foot court. 


Upon entering the food hall I was surprised at how empty it was, only a few lone soldiers sat at tables as far apart from one another as they could get. They silently ate their food, and the only noise I could hear the the quiet clattering from the kitchen. 

I walked up to the menu and let my eyes wander down the list, the only problem with my living in deep space is that it is no place for a picky eater. I heard my stomach groan in protest as I contemplated leaving due to a lack of food choices. 

As I wandered up to the counter a young man came out, his dark skin glistened against the lights, his uniform was splattered with what I really hoped was tomato soup. In an odd way, I found his dirty shirt somewhat comforting in this unnervingly clean ship.

'You're 09, the new Corona?' His smile was open and friendly, and I found myself thinking he was definitely the sort of person I could get along with. 

'Yes Sir.' I replied.

'No need for formalities here, I'm not a ranking officer - just the chef.' He laughed. The soldiers who were eating looked over at him pointedly for making so much noise. His brown eyes were fixed on me, shining with laughter. 

'Oh, okay.' I said, not knowing what else to say.

'I presume you came here for food?' He smiled widely, 'what would you like?'

'Well, about that... for me, this menu is a bit...' I muttered, feeling rude.

'That's fine, it's not busy so I can just make you something else.' He said kindly. 

'You don't like my cooking!?' He said in mock outrage, I laughed nervously as he shook the ladle he was carrying at me. 'So what does the picky princess want?' He said, bowing.

'Just rice, vegetables and something resembling meat will do me, thanks.' I replied awkwardly, ever since I began training to enter the ranks everyone I'd met had been quiet and distant; I wasn't used to someone laughing so much in the space of two minutes.

'I'll call you over when it's done,' and with that, he returned to his kitchen.

I eyed up the sitting soldiers, then came to the conclusion it was better not to interrupt them so I sat on the empty table nearest to the counter and waited for my meal.

The End

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