Chapter 8

"Sir Christian! You did this to me! Reverse it now!" Zaro trained his blaster at the old man.

                "So it's you I'm looking for. I've searched this school for a while and a couple of people got in my way. They knew too much. Such a shame. The first time I killed someone was, no is in 42 years. Ha, time travel. I haven't stopped since. We couldn't have anyone find time travelling technology 60 years early could we? If you learn only one thing about time travel, it's not to cause a paradox." He smiled evilly, much like Norvik had. "I sent you back 100 years. It was a test. I needed to know if the machine would work."

                "You sent me through the time streams unprotected? If you keep sending people back, you'll change something. And you never know what will happen if you change the past you might not exist. I might not exist. You just don't care do you, you ..." He was cut off by the sound of a gunshot. Christian had fired. Zaro turned. Jenna was on the floor. She was clearly in pain. Zaro kissed her on the forehead and told her he'd help.

                "Just keep thinking. I... I..." Before he could finish, she disappeared. Zaro wiped a tear from his face.

                "It makes you younger. You go back 100 years and de-age what, 5 years and then you go back. You repeat the procedure until you're as young as you want to be. Magic!"

                "Why did you use me? Why not Norvik? You didn't even know it would work. Why didn't you do it to him as his punishment?" Zaro was now fully in tears.

                "I needed him for something else. And you could go missing. I've been waiting for three years to find any proof that you survived. So now I'm here to offer the reverse treatment. I attach you to the outside of my time cruiser and see if you age 5 years. The reverse, if you're not happy."

                "You are sick!" was all Zaro could manage.

                "If you're not interested, I'll leave you here. Goodbye." The old man turned away and began to mutter to himself. "With a ratio of 20:1, I'd need to go back..." His voice faded away.

                Zaro got up slowly. He stood resolute. He made his mind up quickly and sprinted after Sir Christian. By the time Zaro reached the time cruiser, Applebury was half way up the ladder. Zaro grabbed his ankle and pulled him off. He then climbed to the top and sealed the entrance hatch. He looked at the controls. He had only the most basic training in his own time and now 3 years in the future...

                His train of thought was disrupted by the knighted man knocking relentlessly on the hatch. Zaro ran over and opened it, throwing the man to the floor again. He could see some blood on the floor, but no longer cared for his health and left him. Zaro looked at the main console and shut his eyes. He took a deep breath and concentrated. He could see Jenna in-front of him.

                "Trust your instincts." He believed he was mad; he could see apparitions that were talking to him. It didn't matter; he trusted her. He pressed a button, flicked a switch and pulled a lever before praying to a god that he didn't believe that everything would go well.

The End

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