Chapter 7

Phil was scared out of his mind. He was hanging outside a car with Zaro driving. He had a reputation for being a terrible driver; no-one liked driving with him, let alone riding half inside, half outside of a car. At-least they weren't flying. The car screeched around a corner, throwing Phil into the car and shutting the door.

                They could hear the sound of sirens following them. It was like being on the run, except legal. Zaro loved the excitement of driving, especially when it was above the speed limit. Everything was made better when one of the biggest arrests in the history of ever was at the end. The car skidded to a halt 50 miles away from their destination.

                "I'll go in alone. You wait for back-up." Zaro waved his blaster.

                "I know you'll be safe. You just want this for yourself don't you?" Zaro nodded. He began to travel over the hilly wasteland when he heard the cavalry arrive. He urged them to be quiet, but they couldn't hear him over the noise of the sirens. Zaro quickened his pace accordingly. In a matter of minutes, he arrived at the dilapidated building. He thought about waiting for support, but slammed into the door, knocking it down. There was no-one there. He climbed the creaky staircase carefully; one wrong step would send him to the bottom and raise awareness of his position. He reached the top and entered the bedroom with no trouble. Again, there was no-one there. So, he climbed up onto the roof.

                "Good morning, Zaro. How are you?" The large man said to Zaro as he clambered through a small hatch.

                "This is beginning to become a habit." He murmured to himself before facing his captive. "That is none of your business, Norvik. Just come over here with your arms raised and allow me to arrest you. It's simple."

                "Do you honestly think I'd come that easily?" Zaro shook his head. "You have to try though, don't you? Anyway, this is where I get off." He said and stepped onto the edge of the building. Even when Zaro raised his blaster, Norvik didn't falter. "Either way, I get the desired effect. Either way, you kill me. That's the way they'll see it." He smiled evilly.

                "You don't have to die, Norvik." Another voice began talking from behind Zaro. He turned.

                "Sir Christian? What are you doing here? This is my arrest. Take no offense, but go away!" Zaro stepped towards Norvik in the commotion. "You're just an upper class, busy-body. Leave this to me - someone in authority." He stepped forward again. Sir Christian raised a blaster, something neither Zaro nor Norvik had seen before.

                "Now move out of the way, Zaro. I don't want to get both of you now do I?" Zaro didn't like this, but he had been taught to respect his elders. So, he moved to the side, but kept his blaster out. "This is how it goes - just for clarification - I arrive on the rooftop to find Zaro against the wall with Norvik pointing a gun to his head. I raise my gun to Norvik and tell him to move away, but he shoots Zaro and he disappears, like this." Sir Christian pointed the gun at Zaro and fired. He fell. His body disappeared as if invisible. "Then, you come with me otherwise you'll go the same way he did." The two men left the rooftop, one believing Zaro was dead and the other knowing that 100 years separated them.

The End

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