Chapter 6

Zaro merely stood in shock. After about a minute, he sprinted into the school and towards the office. Each door he passed was smashed into the wall. His blind rage took over as he grabbed the deputy head by the scruff of his neck and thrust him into the wall.

"Basement. How do you get in?" he shouted directly in the man's ear. He just pointed. Zaro dropped the man and continued his sprint. He reached the end of the corridor and came in contact with a solid door. He banged against it twice before pulling his blaster from his pocket and destroying the door.

He burst out into a dark room. There was a faint light in the far corner from where the creature was. With Jenna. Zaro pointed the gun at the creature, just as it reached for Jenna.

"Back away!" he cried at the figure. It didn't respond. "I said back away! Ok, you don't speak English. You must be a shape-shifter to have survived so long without being detected so I'm thinking a variation on a Nostrovite and your natural form is more globular, so you're an Enovorit aren't you? So, ihsni vrnki!"

It ignored Zaro and went for Jenna. They heard a scream from above. They seemed shocked. The creature was in the room with them. How could it kill above ground at the same time? The third person had fallen.

She screamed, shocking it. She ran to her friend who fired twice. The creature fell. Its body changed into a liquid as it drained away. They both left the room quickly.

"What was it?"She asked.

"A basic drainer. It couldn't even communicate. Just a primitive."

                "It was intelligent though. I read its mind. It knew about the time disruption. It thought about how we'd taste. It was only looking for a food source. It didn't want to harm us. It just wanted to live."

                "Trust you to be the sympathetic one."

                "Trust you to try to kill it."

                "Why don't you think it is dead?"

               "That thing looked stronger that a few bullets. And I felt a presence. Someone or something that shouldn't be here. Do you think we'll ever meet it again?"

                "Who knows? I can't see the future, nor would I want to."

                Then Zaro came face to face with a piece of his past and his way back home.

The End

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