Chapter 4

He awoke from a nightmare brought on by the previous nights work. He had never allowed work to affect him before. After taking a long shower and an even longer run, he jumped into his car and drove to work. He often complained about the traffic in the urban areas, but his words fell on deaf ears. After manoeuvring the mess that was the city centre, he arrived at the tall building and left his car. The valet appeared seemingly from nowhere and drove away the car.

He worked on the 14th floor and, due to his impatience, if the lift was not present, he would bolt up the stairs. He saw the lift coming down, but didn't wait. He had paperwork he needed to do. When he arrived at his office, he called a ‘good morning' to his staff and sat down to work. Almost immediately, his personal telephone rang. He picked the phone up and heard the deep tones of his colleague, Wesley.

"I've got him." He dropped the phone and vaulted his desk. He grabbed his jacket, called again to his colleagues and left the office. He dodged the crowd in the corridor, shouting abuse at those who wouldn't move. He emerged onto the life area, to see the doors of the life close. He didn't have time to go down the stairs so he slowly pulled the doors open. He had managed to get them half open when his team arrived.

"Does anyone want to join me?" he asked. Sally, the woman leading the pack shook her head and removed her high-heeled shoes before going down the stairs. The group filtered away until only Phil accompanied his boss. They smiled at each other and jumped into the lift-shaft simultaneously.   

Sir Christian Applebury was enjoying the refreshing change in elevator music when a loud thud hit the roof of the enclosed room. The hatch opened and two men dropped down. The grey haired man exchanged greetings with the men before they darted out of the lift as it landed on the ground floor. Sir Christian just sighed.

As they sprinted through the corridor, Phil pulled a remote from his pocket and hit the only button. The door on his car opened just as his boss leapt in, landing on the driving seat. His foot hit the accelerator and the car sped off. It was then that he realised what he was missing. Phil had one foot in the car and was holding onto the open door. He was screaming at the driver. But he took no notice for two reasons: the voice didn't sound like Phil, it was more feminine and it was calling for ‘Chad'. He wasn't Chad. He was Zaro. Zaro Phillips.

The End

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