Chapter 3

Jenna was scared. She wanted to do her best for Chad, but didn't know what to do. As she had not seen the creature or any ‘creature, ever, and had only just gained her abilities, she was nervous. Chad had told her to act normally and just go about her daily ritual, like chatting to her friends. She thought she should have been searching for it, but she secretly knew it was looking for her.

She had struggled to resist looking and so she had encouraged her friends to walk and talk. The sooner she found it, the better. She just made small talk as she patrolled the corridors, staring at every passerby. Suddenly, a thought struck her. If the creature was looking for her, what would she do if it found her?

She panicked. and ran off towards the field, passing a familiar face as she went. She didn't notice, but he did. Mat followed her for a time, licking his lips. When the coast was clear, he changed into something a little more comfortable. Or someone a little more comfortable. The girl then ran after Jenna, eager for the chance to consume another time wanderer...


Jenna reached the doors to the outside world when a scream filled the air. The second person had fallen.


Chad was in the midst of one of his daydreams. They had plagued him more and more recently and he was now beginning to remember them, revealing more of his past...

The End

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