Chapter 2

"So you have travelled through time?" Jenna asked curiously. Chad nodded. "And something followed you and is killing people in a school?"

                "This is the bit where I say ‘I don't know'. It's here and it's killing, so I've got to stop it before it kills me."

                "Is that all you care about? Yourself?" she seemed disgusted.

                "I suppose I care about you lot. You never know who you'll grow up to be."

                "You do. Am I important? Do I matter? Oh and don't give me some vague answer like ‘Everyone is important.'"

                "Everyone is important." They both laughed.

* * * * * * * * * * 

They were half way through third period. Chad had been questioned by Jenna about the future and he had begun to reminisce. He suddenly stopped answering her questions and looked up seriously. Just like when the Head had been shot. He had felt a faint psychic ripple - a distress call from a fledgling telepath. Someone was ‘breaking-out'. He rapidly surveyed the class to look for the tell-tale signs. But he didn't need to look far. He smiled at the person sitting next to him. Jenna held her head in pain.

                "I've got a little game to play. Think of your favourite fruit. Shout it in your mind." She scrunched up her face comically in concentration. She was sceptical. He couldn't read her mind. Could he?

"Pineapple." He said confidently. She wasn't convinced. Lucky guess.

"If you don't believe I can do it, do the same for your least favourite fruit." She repeated her expression.

"Tomato". Her facial expression seemed shock. She could only manage to ask how. "I don't know how to say this, but you're developing telepathic capabilities. I felt the ripples you sent out. Testing the waters, asking for help from other telepaths when you're not sure who is. I'm going to need your help. You see I've lost my powers when I fell through time. I can receive, not transmit. I need you to find the creature."

The End

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