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The entire room fell silent. The large man sat down, finally content with what he had done. Another man, seated beside him, merely laughed and whispered some advice to his colleague. He continued to giggle to himself when a group of people approached them. He greeted them, presented them with a gift and they left.

                For the audience, a whole school assembly on the last day of term always lead to boredom. As seemingly hundreds of awards needed to be handed out, by the end, half were asleep, a third were chatting and they all had sore hands.

                Chad Robertson was no exception. He had lost interest straight away and began to chat to his friends beside him. They had only known him for 2 months, but they trusted him. But he did not trust them; his training had taught him that. He drifted off into a daydream. He often dreamed of his home, his friends and his life. His actual life. Not at this school. Nothing ever happened here.

                Suddenly, the headmaster had abruptly stopped laughing and failed to greet the next party of winners. His colleague took his place and nudged him. He fell in his chair. Alex, Chad's friend pointed this out. Chad suddenly woke up and looked himself with a serious look on his face.

                He got up and ran to the stage. He jumped, avoiding all the pupils on the floor and landed on the stage like a gymnast. He smiled to himself briefly. Rarely had he performed such a feat for a large audience. He smiled again.

 He looked like a professional as he checked the head's chest. Just as he had suspected; a burn mark from a high intensity beam based weapon. A laser beam was trained on his head. Turning to face the beam, he brought out his own weapon. His eyes snapped shut after being bombarded with bright light. He stepped to the side and noticed he was facing a projector. The door to the balcony shut and someone ran off into the distance.

Chad looked puzzled as he left the stage in the same manner, only after checking the audience. He received no looks of shock or fear. He received no confirmation from the crowd at all. He returned to his seat and pressed a hidden button on his watch and everyone came back to life. Time had resumed.

Unknown to him, two people had watched him during the frozen time.

Mat was considered a menace by all staff as his behaviour was unparallel. If he failed to turn up to a lesson, the teacher often considered themselves blessed. He was also suspicious of all newcomers. Especially Chad. He had fallen in with everyone immediately. The entire year, maybe even the school, liked him. This had piqued Mat's interest.

He had arrived late to school after purposefully missing the bus. He plodded into the assembly hall along the balcony and only turned to face the school when he had heard nothing. He had missed the freezing and was a Time-Walker like Chad. Mat realised something was amiss and produced his mobile from his pocket. In an attempt to gain evidence that Chad wasn't all he seemed, he took photos of Chad examining the body and returning to his seat. He then dropped the phone as time thawed.

Jenna was considered a marvel by all staff as her intelligence was unparallel. She knew more than the teachers in most areas and often took over in lessons when a teacher was too lazy to teach those who either already knew it or didn't want to. The only thing she could not understand was love. That was why she had taken an interest in Chad. Her problem wasn't appearance; she believed she was much prettier than most of the other girls and she was right in most cases. The only flaw was in how people saw her: a know-it-all geek.

She was often flustered and hated rushing. Due to oversleeping and taking an absurdly long time getting ready, she missed her bus and attempted to run to school. She wasn't the fittest person and arrived barely on time. She decided putting her books in her locker was more important than assembly and so she was also late. She saw Chad returning to his seat and gazed in awe before wondering what was going on. Jenna then fell to the floor and time thawed.

Chad had noticed the two people too late and saw them fall. Once the body had been discovered, he sprinted to Jenna as she was nearest. He carried her away from the rush and placed her on a bench outside. Both Jenna and Mat were ‘Ice Men' - people who were conscious when time thawed. As everyone who became unconscious kept on track with ‘real time' they were safe. As Chad was directly linked to the time altering, he was safe. As Mat and Jenna were disconnected from the real, frozen time, their bodies were sent into shock as time around them realigned itself.

He went to collect the other person, but they had gone. He thought about checking the sick bay, but decided against it. It would only be a minute until they regained consciousness. He sprinted across the courtyard to his first lesson.

Stepping out of the shadows, Mat looked out over the courtyard to see Jenna still on the bench and Chad running. He smiled to himself. Mat looked confident even though he had lost his phone.

So confident, he failed to notice the creature standing behind him. The confidence drained away as two hands grasped his neck and twisted violently. His body went limp. The creature slowly drained the corruption from his body until there was nothing left. Just like it had done with the Head. Just like it will do to Jenna and Chad... 

The bell rang for the end of first period. For the previous hour, Jenna had been pondering her brief encounter with disjointed time and how her Chad had been involved. He seemed even more attractive with the mysterious elements added. She had lost interest in the lesson and the teacher's concerns for their missing classmates. As the class of 25 left, she grabbed Chad to one side.

"What did you do earlier on?" she whispered at him loudly as they walked to their next lesson.

"What do you mean?" he said with an obviously fake innocent tone.

"With the assembly and the Head. You know..."

"I haven't got the foggiest. Are you sure when you collapsed earlier you didn't bang your head?"

"My head does hurt a bit," she murmured to herself "but that's beside the point. I saw you!"

"I still don't know what you mean" he smiled knowingly. She produced Mat's phone and showed him the pictures.

                "I even have proof." She said plainly. His smile faded.

                "It's a fake. He had it in for me. You know that." He tried. She just shook her head. "This will take some time. Want to miss next lesson? No-one will notice two more missing, will they?" She smiled.

The End

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