R.I.P Michael Jackson

Bobby was a small town kid, who was thrown into an artificial world of glitz, glamour and vultures. Every-one wanted a piece of poor Bobby. Yet no-one could deny his undeniable talent as a musician and entertainer. He was a man of free-speech, one willing to stand up for his rights, but most importantly for other people's as well. He was loved by his fan's but loathed by the tabloids. Six in the morning they were armed at the front gates, waiting to make their next attack, next allegations.


It was one morning, Bobby was struck completely unaware. He strode out of his mansion, with a piece of cheese in his hand. A simple, mild piece of cheddar cheese, ready to be eaten for his morning breakfast. Fan's were waiting for him at the gates' for his early arrival.  They all stood in awe at this legend, striding confidently towards the gates armed by his merry-men. Some of his fan's screamed, some teary-eyed, all of them overwhelmed with emotions. " We love you Bobby" Cried some of the teenage girls. Bobby embraced them all with heart-felt handshakes and soft kisses on the girl's cheeks.  Then from the corner of his eye's he noticed a young boy, whose eyes had almost come alight from his presence. Bobby's heart melted. He yearned for the day, which he could be like him, young, innocent and care-free. Unfortunately most of poor Bobby's childhood had been snatched away by from his money-driven father, who noticed his potential at a young age. He selfishly exploited him, for his own personal gains but Mark did not know how unhappy Bobby really was. He felt lonely and empty, like something was missing inside, he needed something to fill that void. Being from kind, gentle being that he was, Bobby approached the young boy and gave him the rest of his cheese.  He asked him his name to which he shyly replied,"Kyle." They both stared into each other's eyes admiringly and then Bobby embraced him in a warm minute long hug. Little did he know what happened that day would completely destroy his career, his friendship with Kyle and his mental and physical health. He had been snapped by the papparazi. 

Word had spread about the start of an innocent friendship between Bobby and Kyle. First it was quite tame but like chinese whispers, then it twisted and change into something more dark and sinister. In interview's, film showing's everywhere Bobby went, he was accused and queried about the relationship between him and Kyle. The biggest question was what happened when Bobby shared the rest of his cheese with Kyle? Bobby had grown tired with these lies and pathetic allegations set out to tarnish his career. He absolutely despised the way those tabloids could "cut, past and twist." so cleverly. The stories grew and grew in detail, becoming more vile and lewd. How could people believe such trash, surely people know what the tabloids and papparazi are capable of? However these wild allegations had become so consistent and so strong, they were hard not to believe. Bobby was begining to grow tired of this, he throw money at those accusing him and they all ran away with a fistful of money in their hands. Those who all new him urged him to stand up for himself and defend himself in court, but this was all too much for him. It was all to much for poor gentle, creative Bobby.


He slowly sunk into depression he became very ill indeeed. He became debt-ridden and very ill. People felt like he was beyond help. He did what he could do to earn money. He prepared himself for a come-back gig, but it was not to be. He died shortly.

Those who would like to commemarate this gentle, talented role-model may do so in the second story.

Poor Bobby otherwise known as Michael Jackson, his music lives on. 



The End

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