Jake and his friends must fight their way through the deadly riots, but will they make it to their destination? Will they really want to return to it?...

     I bash through a group of rioters who are clashing with police. I begin searching for my friends, but to no avail. I see two officers beating a man on the ground and I grab my gun from its holster and fire two shots at the officers, hitting them in the legs and causing them to collapse in pain. The man slowly gets back to his feet and realises who had saved him. He nods at me, blood dripping to the ground from his bloody nose. He starts to say something but is washed away by a wave of rioters. I turn and look for my friends again and spot Johnny further down the street, staring at an all too familiar building. I shudder when I spot it as the memories of what has and will happen there come flooding back. Was it possible that this was all a part of Stevens plan? Or was it just coincidence? Either way, he was inside and we had to stop whatever he was planning.

     I start attacking police officers who get in my way with a metal pole as I make my way through the battling crowds towards that dreaded building. I’m almost there when a man stumbles backwards and knocks me to the ground. He lands on top of me with a thump, and is unconscious, or dead…

     I push the man- or corpse- to the side and continue on. I see Aaron in a fist fight with three officers, who are trying to beat him to the ground using their truncheons, but it isn’t working due to the protective clothing we still wear, he is effectively dodging them thanks to his martial arts training, but is quickly tiring. I whip out my pistol and take careful aim and just as I’m about to pull the trigger, a police officer smacks his truncheon into the side of my head. I fall, pulling the trigger as I go. I hear a window smash, obviously where the bullet hit. The riots stop only for a brief second, but when they start are more violent this time as both sides suspects the other of firing the shot. The officer who grounded me quickly recovers, but not quickly enough. I shoot him in the leg twice, but he falls after the first bullet and the second bursts through his head. A man slightly to the side of the officer is covered by the small gooey red mess. I stand, still groggy, and look at the corpse of the officer. I go to check for any I.D but stop, afraid of what I may find.

     I look over to Aaron again and see that due to my gun shot, he was able to overpower the three officers. His short blonde hair is has now been dyed red with blood and sweat, one of his eyes swollen.

“Aaron! Get over here!” I shout and he suddenly starts fighting a few officers while making his way over to us, a limp in his step. “Have you seen any of the others?”

“No, but I need to know, where are we going Jake?” he replies.

“I saw Johnny further down the street, that’s where we have to get to,” I tell him as the violence around us intensifies. I spot Kye, “KYE!” and he sees us and runs towards us, bashing people to the side. He wasn’t a broad boy, but was surprisingly strong for his looks. He managed to make it over to us without being interrupted, but I noticed his nose was at an odd angle with blood streaming out of it. His long hair was caked with blood, and was sticking to his forehead. He has a few cuts on his pale face and his T-shirt is ripped, revealing his arms and chest, which also has spots of blood on them.

“Where we going?” Kye asks, panting hard. He had obviously been moving continuously. I point through the crowds towards Johnny who was now helping a few rioters fight some police officers. They didn’t know what we were doing, but the American public was happy to help. They know we have important work to do, and know that we are going to get rid of their president: Steven Mersh.

     Once again we set off, working as a unit this time, not getting separated. Several officers try to stop us as we advance, but we easily repel them with our metal poles, except Aaron, who is using his bare fists. I hear the sound of helicopter blades getting closer, and then within seconds, about 5 large helicopters are hanging over head. Ropes start falling out the sides of each helicopter, and soldiers start sliding down them. I pull my gun out and aim at the pilot of the helicopter in front of me, he see this and tries to veer of to the right, but too late. I fire, the bullet smashing through the window. The helicopter starts spinning round violently. It swings to the left, the tail of the ‘copter breaking off. The rest follows suite and smashes into the buildings on the left of the street, a massive fireball and great roar erupting from the wreck. The tail of the helicopter has heavy smoke pouring out of it, when a few blades snap and go flying off it. The crowd has cowered down to the ground at the sight of the explosion, but some remained standing for a few seconds, but are blown to the ground by the shockwave. All is quiet for a few seconds before someone; I can’t tell if it was an officer or a rioter, attacks another. The fighting continues

     The newly arrived soldiers have sub machine guns, and they raise their weapons, at me! My friends quickly raise their pistols, but I order them to lower them. They do as I say as the soldiers advance on us, a few being dragged off by the fighting. There is gun fire, and I see a few rioters dropping to the ground, blood pumping out of them. The lead soldier, in a black uniform, with protective gear on, pushes through the final group of fighters. Aaron raises his gun and swings the barrel towards the lead soldiers face, but as soon as he does, there is a burst of fire from one of the soldiers’ guns, a few bullets bursting through Aaron’s chest and back. Some of his blood splatters on my face as he collapses to the ground. He hits the ground, his head bouncing off the ground before landing again, a pool of blood from his head joining with the pool of sticky red liquid from his chest.

     I hear Kye screaming, and half notice soldiers restraining him, tears falling freely from his face. The world goes quiet around me, everything getting numb. I collapse to my knees tears rolling down my cheeks, my breath long and ragged.

     I half notice the rioters and officers staring at us, no longer fighting, and now staring at the body of the sixteen year old boy. A soldier takes my weapon, but leaves Aarons, unable to take anything from the dead boy. I look up, not showing how angry I am. The soldier stares at me, receiving nothing but a cold, hating stare in return.

“Who sent you?” I ask the soldier, already knowing the answer, but wanting the crowds to hear it for themselves. He chuckles, a fake chuckle.

“Well, our lord and master, president Mersh has ordered your assassination, regardless of who else gets hurt”, I jump up, and start towards him, but quickly restrained. He aims his gun barrel at my forehead, “and that’s what I plan on doing”...

The End

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