Crazy Beautiful Idiot

9. Crazy Beautiful Idiot - Jared

"Blaze, you're... burning," I said in horror.

"No I'm not," she said. "The fire doesn't hurt me. It's just... wonderful."

My stomach hurt as I realized the sincerity in her eyes, in her voice. She believed the fire didn't hurt her. She believed that this was okay for her to do.

But she was wrong. So very wrong.

As she stood there before me, the flames were clinging to her clothes and her long hair, eating through them. Not only that, she was burning. The stench of burning flesh wafted from her once beautiful form, as the fire slowly turned her skin into flakes of ash.

"Please believe me, Jared," she begged. I don't think she'd ever said my name before. "Believe me and join me."

She put forward her hand, a terrifying smile curling up her lips. Oh, for the many times I'd have gladly taken her hand and shared in anything she wanted me to...

The hand she was offering me now was on fire. A light breeze made the heat from her fingers washed over my face. The skin on her hand crackled with heat.

"I can't, Blaze," I whispered.

Her flaming face crumpled as though I'd delivered a crushing blow.

"I'm not the same as you," I said.

She withdrew the fiery hand, and stood for one more moment in front of me. The grass under her feet was catching little flames at this stage.

I met her eyes. They were glowing. Literally.

"Goodbye then, Jared."

She scampered away from me, back to her little piece of Heaven. I didn't stop her. She knew what she was doing.

Crazy, beautiful idiot.

I don't know what happened after that, because I left then. I had a feeling I'd be reading about it in the papers soon enough.

Memories of her eyes stayed in my mind forever. Where there had before been a deep pool of grey in her irises, at the end there was the flickering orange of a furnace.

The End

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