8. Majesty - Blaze

Yes! Yes! This was it! This was what life was for. I was born and I struggled through 17 years of life just so that I could be alive for this moment.

The flames caressed me, hugged me, wrapped me in a sense of bliss. I could feel the pain of all my years just rising from me in a waft of black smoke.

The flames roared all around me, dancing and destroying the grass, using it as fuel. Such beauty and power. Such majesty...

I danced with them; their intense crackling and growling noises were my music.

I was flying. The earth didn't exist. Nothing outside my ring of fire existed.

So then why could I hear someone calling my name...?

I opened my dreaming eyes and squinted through my giant flickering creation, to see a shadowed figure standing there, in my meadow, in my realm.

"BLAZE!" Jared was screaming at me. He sounded frightened. He was frightened for me. He didn't understand. Of course he didn't. Nobody did.

I ran from my circle, ran towards him, the magic still burning all over me. The night was cold out here, I realized.

"Jared!" I cried with excitement.

He stumbled back from me, his eyes wide with terror.

"I found it, Jared!" I sang, again lurching enthusiastically in his direction. Again, he stepped back, his palms facing me, his face wary.

"Blaze, are you -?"

"You said there was something compelling about me, Jared!" I grinned. "I found it."

He stared at me in quiet, stone-faced horror, eyeing me up and down slowly, as though I were some demon that had evaporated from the pits of hell to stand before him.

"I found it," I said again, in a low blissful murmur.

The End

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