Hot Pursuit

7. Hot Pursuit - Jared

I could have made all the noise I was able, and she still wouldn't have heard me. She was like an angel from another dimension, delicately floating through ours in her own little bubble. Nevertheless, I pursued her with caution.

Uphill. She headed back to the meadow, where she'd told me to meet her. Had she forgotten about me? Was she still expecting me? I wondered if I should call out and let her know I was there, but she seemed so distant and deep in her own thoughts that I decided not to.

She'd struggled with the drum, I'd noticed, as I lagged about fifty feet behind her shadowy moonlit form.

When she stopped and set down the drum, I slipped into the ditch that bordered the right-hand side of the field.

And that is where I crouched and observed the most beautiful and terrifying scene I've ever witnessed.

The End

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