6. Dancing - Blaze

Once again, Jared had completely slipped my mind. I only remembered him as I was pulling the drum uphill, and I was approaching my spot in the meadow, when I almost stopped breathing with panic. What if he was already up there, waiting for me? I'd never get to go through with my plan!

As I carried out, there was no sign of him though. I reached my dip in the grass, and I dropped the drum. I'd swiped it from the garage on my way to the petrol station. There was always old crap lying around outside that place. They'd never miss it. Not until it was too late.

There was no cap on the drum. I didn't need one anyway. After stretching ou tmy aching arms, I lifted the drum again and heaved it in a big circle around my area of the meadow. It was heavy to begin with, and the work was laborious, but as I progressed, it lightened, and so did I. I even danced my way back to where I'd started, and then tossed the empty drum triumphantly aside, not even paying attention to where it ended up.

I took out my box, and removed one of my twenty-two remaining matches.Without closing the box, I swiped it, and held it carefully between two of my fingers. I repeated this until I had no more room to hold any more burning matches. I put away my remaining thirteen, and skipped to the centre of the circles I'd created.

These were spririts that I held in my hands. Spirits that only I, and my new found ally, could set free. As I was about to.

I spun, releasing the matches, watching them soar through the darkness like meteorites. Then dropping to the ground in random spots all around me.

Seven fell either inside or outside my circle. The other three caught the ring of petrol, and with the most melodic sound ever to caress my eardrums, three pillars of flame shot up around me, and danced in circles to meet each other, enclosing me.

I closed my eyes and let the beauty surround me. It had begun.

The End

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