4. Effervescence - Blaze

The flame in my hand mesmerized me. I let it fall to a slant, and let it dance across my palm, tickling me, but never burrowing through my flesh, not deeply.

I plucked a blade of grass from the earth with my other hand, and gingerly fed it into my flaming forearm. It withered and shriveled and melted in no time. I shook my head in disgust. What a weak, wasteful form of life grass was.

A sudden stab of pain came up from the pit of my stomach, and I tensed, hugging myself with my flame-free arm. I knew how easily the fire would burn my clothes if I let them touch.

Yes. My clothes would burn.

But I needed something more. Something like me - quietly powerful, full of internal energy that only the fire could unleash. Something that used the fire's power to strengthen itself, rather than fall victim to it.

That was it. That was exactly what I needed.

And I knew exactly where to get it.

The pain was gone now; vanished as quickly as it came. I got up from where my body had made a nest between in the tall grass and skipped downhill, my long hair catching the breeze as I cut through it. I was bubbling over with a new feeling - with one thing on my mind, and one thing only.

The End

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