Twenty Three Matches

3. Twenty Three Matches - Blaze

I ran the flame over my arms, slowly, allowing my pores to suck in the heat, protected from the icy sheet of the air. Beautiful. There were no other words that could describe this feeling for me.

A light - not the flickering orange light that comforted me so, but a cold white light - appeared amongst the long grass next to me. Strange - nobody ever called or text me. I only owned the mobile and carried it around because my aunt was always afraid she wouldn't be able to reach me if anything bad happened. As if anything bad would ever happen. All that happened around here was the tragedy of ridiculous people wasting their lives.

I shook the flame out, and picked up my mobile. It was Jared. I'd text him yesterday so that he'd have my number. I didn't know why I did that. The poor guy just seemed so sweet and he was making an effort and I didn't want to hurt him. This confused me horribly. Why should I care so much? I barely wanted to answer.

"Hello?" I said, pressing the mobile tensely to my ear.

"Hi, Blaze. It's Jared."

Of course it was Jared. Jared was the only person in my contacts that wasn't my aunt and uncle. "Yeah. Hi."

"Where do you want to meet?" he asked.

Oh. I was supposed to be meeting him. I'd never ever made any kind of plans like that with anyone. It had completely slipped my mind. My stomach went into knots. I had no idea what to say now.

"I'm hanging out in the meadow." It slipped out.

"The meadow? On the hill?"

I nodded and paused. "Yeah."

"You want me to meet you there?"

"I don't know," I said honestly.

"I'll come in a while, okay? Call me if you go anywhere."

"Yeah, okay." I hung up then, and realized I'd been holding my breath.

When I was talking to Jared, I changed. I could usually close up and ignore people and not let things bother me, but just now I was talking to him and actually worrying about what I was saying.

A funny thought occured to me. After from playing with my fire, talking to Jared was my favourite thing I'd done that evening.

Then I came back to reality again, hitting it with the force of a meteor striking the earth. Jared was coming. He was coming to the meadow. The meadow was my bubble, my world. Once he got here, he would see my whole world. Just like he changed my mood when we talked, he would change my world.

And I wasn't sure I wanted him to do that. I was happy the way I was... Wasn't I?

My hands were trembling as I reached for my matches and pulled the box open. I had twenty three matches, I quickly counted. My world was under threat, and I had twenty three matches to fight back with.

And with those shaky fingers, I pulled out the first match and struck it.

The End

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