Wall of Flames

2. Wall of Flames - Jared

There wasn't much she would let me do for her; all I got was the wall of flames. Blaze had a wall of flames that shot up every time someone looked at her. I suppose I'm the only one who ever cared enough to figure this out.

Blaze had given me a strange look at we left the Study Hall that day. There was something about the way she clutched her books to her chest and threw her terrified eyes in my direction that worried me. I mean yeah, she looked scared and worried a lot of time. But never made eye contact like that.

"Blaze?" I asked as she walked off.

She slowed and stopped, turning warily and looking at me nervously. "Are you talking to me?" she asked meekly as everybody filed past us and headed for their lockers.

I nodded. I was a bit scared now; I'd never really managed to strike up a conversation with her before. I stepped closer so I wouldn't have to talk so loudly. "You alright?" I asked unsurely.

She nodded and scooped a lock of her light brown hair behind her ear. It exposed one of those red extensions she wore. Something about the strong shade of scarlet suited her just perfectly. "How did you know to call me Blaze?" she asked in a quiet voice.

I paused. How had I? She'd never told me to. Oh, it was written on the front of her Art folder. In fact, she was holding that folder in her arms at that moment.

"It's on your folder," I said.

She looked down, and moved her French book away from the folder. "Oh yeah," she murmured as she looked at the graphic; the letters B-L-A-Z-E were written in yellow, while orange and red flames were scribbed over the background.

She looked at me again. Her eyes were a pale shade of grey, but I could see something else burning deep within them.

"Would you like to hang out sometime?" I asked, surprising myself.

Her eyes darted back and forth; I'd caught her off-guard.

"Sorry," I said quickly. "It's just I'd... I'd like to know you, Blaze. Something about you is just..."

She watched me shyly, obviously intrigued in what I was about to say.

"Compelling," I said, almost kicking myself. I couldn't have just said she was cool - I had to pick a big elaborate word.

"Thank you," she said, lowering her head.

"So, come on. Tomorrow night? We don't even have to do anything. We can study if you'd like. It's completely up to you."

She slowly shrugged. "I guess. Tomorrow night."

Triumph ignited in my chest. I gave her my number then, and told her to text me. She looked a little bewildered by it all.

By the time she turned away from me and walked towards her locker, the old Blaze was back. She looked at no one, gave no sign that she'd been speaking to me at all. Right away, her wall of flames was back. 

I didn't know that I was in for something special tomorrow night; I didn't know that I would be bearing witness to the most frightening and beautiful thing I'd ever laid eyes on.

The End

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