1~Ignition - Blaze

Surrounded by the blades of grass, I noticed how dry the air and cool was. No moisture. No heat. I despised it. I despised the oxygen that gushed into my lungs, that fired through my veins.

I wasn't happy. But at the time I thought I was. This was how I always felt, these were the thoughts I always had. Anything else was unknown to me.

The night was unpleasantly cool; my black slip dress left my arms and legs exposed to the needles of ice that floated on the gentle breeze.

Something must have happened that day, something to push me over the edge. Though, that wouldn't have taken much. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was insignifigant. Looking into the sky at the collosal spheres of flames that lit up the blackness, I myself felt insignifigant.

I sat up, pulling my knees to my chin, and fidgeted with the cardboard box of matches I was clutching in my left hand. My fingers were twitching with anticipations - anticipation of what, I was unsure.

The meadow was on a hillside, overlooking the little town that sprawled out below like a sea of ignorance.

I whipped a match out of the box and fingered it thoughtfully. I was like an artist brandishing a paintbrush, standing before a big empty canvas, full of certainty that I was about to create something, and uncertainty as to what it would be.

All I knew was that it was going to be the astonishing. Good or bad, I wasn't sure. But astonishing all the same.

I tore the match against the side of the box, and my old friend - my partner in crime - crackled to life in my hands.

The End

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