Rilo was standing with his eyes closed in something akin to rapture, savoring the feeling of the warm heat of the sun's rays and the fresh breeze on his face. For the first time in almost two years he was outside, and it was wonderful.  The air out there was sweet and clean, unlike the stale, dank musk that stood stagnant in his cell.

So as he stood on the windy tip of the Tower, hundreds of feet above the pavement below, he felt more free than he ever had, even before his incarceration, despite the heavy iron manacles weighing down his hands and feet. The three burly, silent guards that surrounded him were also a bit of a disappointment, but even they were worth this little taste of freedom.

"You're enjoying yourself." Came the voice of the Senator from behind him. The corners of Rilo's mouth turned downwards into a frown.

"I was trying to have a moment, Senator." He said, though his tone was as carefully controlled as it always was.

"I am afraid we don't have time for moments, boy. Or should I say you don't have time for moments. Don't forget, I don't need you as much as you need me. There are countless others I can turn to for aid." The Senator replied gruffly. A crooked smile found it's way back on to Rilo's face.

"Ah, but you said it yourself, I am the best."

"Just because you're the best option doesn't mean you're the only option. I can count off dozens of other convicts and professionals alike who are just as good as your sorry ass. So don't get too cocky boy, you're not irreplaceable."

Rilo turned around, wrenching his gaze away from the golden sunset horizon with difficultly to face the Senator.

"I suppose I don't have a choice then." He mused, meeting the older man stare for stare.

"I suppose you don't." The Senator snarled. Rilo sighed in defeat.

"In that case, couldn't you at least do something about these?" He asked, shaking his shackled wrists. The Senator laughed harshly.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid? Let me tell you, kid, word got around pretty fast about your little escapades. I wouldn't take off those chains if the fate of the world depended on it."

Rilo had turned away from the Senator again, and was staring out at something in the distance.

"Would you look at that." He said quietly.

"What was that?" The Senator barked, narrowing his eyes at the teenager.

"I'm sorry to inform you, Senator, that the fate of the world may just depend on that after all. Look there." Rilo pointed as best he could to a point beyond. The Senator came up beside him and peered in the direction Rilo was indicating, and cursed under his breath.

"Do they ever sleep? Where are my guards? The police I had stationed around the city? My spies, my informers! How can these... these punks out maneuver every move I make!?" He half shouted, storming away from the grisly sight below. Rilo gave another glance at the smoke rising from the building, and heard the sirens of approaching firetrucks mingled with the screams of the victims below.

"Obviously you have a leak, sir." Rilo told the Senator, raising a rather condescending eyebrow.

"A leak!" The Senator scoffed, as f it were the most absurd thing he had ever heard. "I don't have leaks in my operations, boy!"

"Then how does this little group of... rebels, as it may be, manage to creep around the city committing these acts of violence without detection? They have someone on the inside, someone who tells them what places aren't guarded and when. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out." Rilo told the Senator, a small smirk playing on his lips. "Why, I myself had a few insiders of my own before, well, before this." He raised his chained arms heavily, rattling the metal links.

The Senator looked for a moment as if he was going to explode. His face was flushed red, and veins throbbed in his temple. But after a dangerous moment, his temper subsided, and he settled for gritting his teeth.

"You had spies in my network. Who were they?" He demanded. Rilo gave a soft laugh.

"Don't worry Sir. They've all been... dealt with. Even from behind bars, I don't let people get away with ratting me out." The Senator blow out of his cheeks heavily and looked to the sky.

"I don't even want to know anymore. Fine then, I'll consent that there may be a spy in my team. What do you propose I do about it then?" The Senator admitted.

"Well Sir, how about you sanction a little meeting between me and various members of your staff, and we'll see where we can go from there?" Rilo decided after a silent moment, and he turned back to the view beyond the Tower, leaning on the rail and watching the hectic scene underneath him as the fire grew steadily in size and strength, despite the firemen's best efforts.

The End

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