Rilo is 17 years old, and is facing life in prison, and possibly death for hundreds of crimes he did in fact commit.
A child genius, he is soon turned to by the officials for help in catching a ring of criminals who are terrorizing the city. In return for his help, Rilo gets to live, for a little while longer at least. As long as he catches the bad guy, of course.
Now it's a race against the clock for Rilo to save the city before the mysterious criminals can destroy it, and his life is on the

The young man sat motionless in his cell, staring at the wall. Though calling him a "man" was probably a generous title-- he couldn't have been more than 17 years old, though something about him looked far older than he actually was.

Perhaps it was his stark grey sanctioned prison uniform, the same color as the drab, withdrawing walls that surrounded him. Perhaps it was his prematurely lined and gaunt face, worn down with years of work and incarceration, his narrow chin covered in light stubble. Or maybe it was his eyes, his dark, hard eyes that almost seemed to glow in the darkness. The eyes which upon first glance looked flat and dead, but when you looked full into them you could see the sharp intelligence behind them, the whirings of the boy's mind like some machine, constantly storing and assessing information, though for what only the boy knew.

                                                   *   *   *

There was a small click as the lock on his cell door drew back, and it was flung open. Bright light flooded in, and the boy shielded his eyes with his arm, and squinted at the newcomers.

"Is this him?" Said one of the dark silhouettes that stood in the light.

"Yes sir." Another voice responded.

"Rilo." The first voice, a man's, said. It wasn't a question or a demand. Just a statement. The boy answered anyways.

"Yes." He said. His voiced cracked, and almost startled him. How long had it been since he had last spoken aloud?

"Rilo, I've been following your case for some time now. I know all about your little trick at the train station, and that mess at the National Bank. And I know there about about a thousand other little stunts you pulled, all of which are being stacked against you one by one as they are uncovered. Your pals are ratting you out, Rilo. You don't have much more time, sooner or later you'll get the chair. And I know you don't want that." The silhouette paused, waiting for Rilo to answer. He didn't.

"It's not usually in my nature, Rilo, but I'm willing to offer you a deal. I'm a powerful man, and I can get you out of here." He added. This roused the boy to a response.

"Liar." He spat. He heard the man grunt. He took a step forward out of the light, and Rilo finally got a good look. His eyebrows rose in mild surprise.

"You're the Senator." He said.

"Yes, I am. And frankly, as loathe as I am to admit it, I need your help." The Senator answered gruffly.

"My help. With what?" Rilo asked slowly.

"We thought once we had you behind bars, our troubles were over. Unfortunately, it would appear that isn't the case. Someone is wreaking havoc in the city. Large scale bank heists, multi-million dollar kidnappings, acts of terrorism, the gradual destruction of our entire police force. No one has been able to uncover a single clue about the culprits. I'll be honest, we're desperate." The Senator finished, watching Rilo carefully.

"And you need my help to catch them." Rilo said quietly.

"Yes. You are supposed to be some sort of genius." The Senator nodded gruffly.

"And for my cooperation, what do I get?" He added. The Senator sneered.

"You're lucky you get anything at all. If I had my way you'd wind up in a body bag no matter what. But because these things have to be handled carefully, I'll cut you a deal. You'll be removed from maximum security, and any other charges that come up against you after today will be dropped." He said grudgingly. Rilo frowned slightly.

"That still leaves me with life in prison." He sighed. "But I suppose it's better than what I have now. Alright Senator, I'll help catch your big bad villain."

The End

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