Right Here, Right Now

Deep breath in, then out again. Today is going to be different, you're going to change your ways, and it'll be better. This time. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Because today, the person you decide to be will be the right person. Another breath in, and out again.

Eyes closed, walking across the room, choosing an outfit. It doesn't matter to you what you choose, as long as it's different, as long as it'll mean you're different. Everything has to be different, because then it'll be better.

Damn it. Go for it. New you, new life; better you, better life.

Change - if only you can change properly then everything will be better.

New clothes, new make-up, new shoes, new breakfast.

Out the front door, deep breath in, deep breath out - new air, even.

Then it's one more step, and the sound of traffic comes crashing in, lungs collapse, panick sets in, and the wonderfully new, different people become the once more familiar faces.

Routine day, once again.

One day you'll do it right, one day everything really will change, and then you'll be flying, above everyone, happy for once.

The End

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