Central Rift (Four lines)

You walked into the rift ahead of you.

As you pass through the four lines of energy, you feel an uneasy calm washing over you, not unlike the calm before a storm.

After you passed through the rift, you find yourself standing in a still forest. The imposing trees loomed above you, covering most of the area in their shadow.

Turning around, you find that the rift has disappeared.

With no way back, you decide to venture forward, hoping to get out of the forest, and maybe find someone to talk to.

You walked.

And walked.

And walked.

Suddenly, your lonely journey is interrupted by a loud stomp, followed by several more hurried stomps heading you way.

You turned to your left to see a giant stone creature running towards you.

You stared, frozen in fear, as it roared.

"Get out of the way!"

The voice snapped you from your paralysis and you jumped out of the way as the giant stone monster slammed it fists into the ground that you were standing on just moments ago.

The creature got up and began charging at you again. However, a small blue bolt of energy shot past you and struck the creature in the chest, causing a dent in the stony hide.

You stood awestruck as several more blue bolts of energy flew past you, each hitting the creature in the chest and causing a bigger dent. An armoured figure with a giant hammer slung across the back passed you, shooting out those energy bolts that you've been staring at from the gun in the figure's hand.

Finally within reach, the armoured figure grabbed the hammer and swung it into the creature's weakened chest.

The creature roared in pain as cracks started to creep all around its body. It struggled slowly and painfully for moments as the cracks grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, it shattered.

The armoured figure turned and walked towards you.

Taking of its helmet, you could see that it was a young woman with long, flowing black hair.

Approaching you, she said, "Well, I didn't expect having to save someone as unprepared as you."

Suddenly, you became aware of how naked you were.

The End

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