An adventure in time and space, magic and science. seeing where the winds of creativity can take me. Us. You get the point.

As you stand barefoot on the dry earth, the three rifts appear in front of you. The shimmering grey bordered by darting silver, just at the edge of uncomfortable, flashing and moving. 

While you can feel something familiar in the back of your mind tickle at conciousness, you can't remember anything. The hot sun beats down while you stand, shaking off the feeling of waking up, although how you would manage that while standing up is a mystery. 

Glancing around shows a stark landscape of dry earth and baked clay. In the distance ahead of you, between the rifts you can see mountains dancing in the shimmering heat. As you look behind you, you can see a lone bird drifting across he sky, but nothing remarkable. 

You don't feel thirsty, but as the sun continues its baleful glare, you can feel the moisture leaking from your skin. With no other option, you must choose a rift and see where it leads.

There is little difference between the rifts that you can discern, but as you continue to search out differences, you become aware of streams of energy pulsing over their surface, creating lines of energy. The rift ahead having four lines of almost ruler-straight energy faintly running from top to bottom. 

The rift to your left shows one thick rope, twisting and moving like an untied cable, lashing across its top half.

The final rift to your right shows a series of branching darker lines, almost cracks in the surface. While the others seem full of energy, this one seems almost frozen and still. 

The End

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