Ridiculous Description Game

A banana! Sun yellow! Pefect in it's ripeness and form. The species of apes would make war for this banana. For it was a special one, the last banana in the whole world. Owned by the multi-billionaire Bill Plates. Bill Plates was the owner of the company Larasoft, which specialised in making really high tech woman treasure hunters who fought dragons and what-not.

The last banana in question was being requested by the government of Japan who wanted it for their own diabolical uses such as to make banana oil which would make their legs really smooth. The banana itself was extremely intelligent and expressed it's own wishes to move to egypt because it hated ice hockey and was informed that there were none in egypt so it had decided it wanted to live in a pyramid like the pharohs  of old and produce a new kind of porn which incorporated the use of milk and cheese and wished to market it as Dairy Porn.

The End

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