The beginning of my current work.

Long ago, humans had been driven out of their homeland by gryphons. One-thousand set out on two ships to seek a new life. They sailed north, braving the harsh and unforgiving embrace of the sea. They had been sailing a month when they came upon a wall of mist; nothing could be seen within as it was dense as smoke. Not willing to brave the mist, they anchored at its edge. They floated there for three days, slowly dying of dehydration and starvation. On the fourth day, their leader Bailor set off in a life boat into the mist; he could not stand to see his people suffer. Three more days passed, and the villagers lost hope. On the fourth day, just as the sun was beginning to rise, a great thundering boom came from within the mist. 

As the sun rose so that the world was bathed in light, two scaled beasts emerged from the mist. The creatures glittered gold and silver; on their backs were a man and woman. The humans could not believe their eyes. They could not believe that yet another fabled creature, the dragon, actually existed; for the gryphons that drove them away had been but stories in their children's books, until they attacked. As the dragons circled the ships, the humans huddled together gaping in awe and terror.

Then, two white ships emerged from the mist and pulled parallel to the humans. Too weak to put up any sort of fight, the humans stood and watched as planks were set to link the white ships to their own. From their bright hulls came groups of eight men, but not just any men; they were elves. Tall and fair, the elves skin seemed to glow and glitter in the sunlight. They stood in a line at the front of one ship, and as they stood, the golden dragon came to hover above them. From its back, its rider leaped to the ship deck. He landed light on his feet, and stood to gaze upon the humans with bright turquoise eyes. 

He addressed them in a gentle, yet authoritative voice. "My name is Yalathanil Nerihice. We come to you on the behalf of your leader, Bailor. You have traveled long and far, and have endured much strife. We offer you open arms to our country. Welcome, to On Kristallbergen;" the Island of the Crystal Mountains.

The End

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