From the Mouths...Mature

He took a deep breath and reclaimed a bit of lucidity. "The scaly guy, when his head exploded his backup box stuck to my face. The curves and stark angles struck me, moved me. So I pulled the meaty bits off and put it in my mouth to keep it safe."

Zid's expression and tone rolled from gleeful mania to vacantly awed and back, finally finishing up with a confident nod as he saw understanding dawn. Understanding that quickly turned to trepidation as we realized that this was the first time any of us had heard of it, and it wasn't still in his mouth.

"You didn't swallow it did you?" I begged tentatively, knowing full well the lines of logic a tripping brain can follow.

The smile that spread across his face was so clear and so earnest I almost laughed out loud. "No, boss. I did have a pocket. I just wanted to make it to your ship and wasn't sure how my blitzkrieg would turn out. Wasn't sure if I could trust a pocket."

"So where is it?" Voxis snapped, frustrated by our pace.

Zid cocked his head confusedly and I couldn't help but start giggling. "Its in his pocket, Of course." My concerns about fully welcoming Tillary into the crew suddenly laid to rest.

The field around us fell away and we stretched with our new freedom. One of the guards produced a reader and Zid produced the brainbox and together we went about solving some problems

The End

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