To Keep it SafeMature

The Keeper swayed thoughtfully around zir pillar. "Well... Ritt, you seem to be flawed on your premise. I'm not authorized to issue off-world writs at all unless it's to pursue a fugitive, much less a kill order in another system. Are you sure they named me? Are you sure they were actually Protectorate? Did you retain any evidence?" My doubts were starting to mount that we'd made the right choice in coming here.

In retrospect we hadn't really done much due diligence on this, we'd kinda just taken at face value that the folks dressed like Pushers, acting like Pushers, shooting at us like Pushers, where in fact the Protectorate scum we took them for. It had seemed like a reasonable assumption at the time. Fortunately, the muted yelling from behind me signaled a welcome distraction from my dejected musing.

Voxis waved a vine and the chamber filled with Lt. Tillary's excited explication, well more than half way through and easily less helpful than when he'd been gagged. "... So I pulled off the meaty parts and put it in my mouth to keep it safe." You could almost hear the triumphant nod as he said it, completely confident that he'd just solved our troubles.

There was a pause, as if the atmosphere itself didn't really know what to do with this new and meaningless information. "Care to try that again from the beginning, aiming for the high points?" I said, trying to coax something lucid out of the hard spun human. Given what we had actually heard the odds of Zid's story being relevant were hopefully pretty remote, but I wasn't willing to make assumptions about what he'd be willing to do.

The End

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