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"Well," It was getting hard to take any of this seriously, we were running the risk of educating Zid on the source of his nightmare sound. "It got your attention? Had to pay you back for the bloodletters on Marash." I don't tend to have the patience for the drawn out cons that just tend to blow up, so I figured we might as well just get to it.

"What?!" The Keeper drew back in puzzlement and waved over a minion, "Find out the last time someone went out with my clearance and have the Solarium set up for interrogation." Zie turned away from us without a second glance and I felt my head lock back up as the en-field retook hold. And just like that we were floating down a smooth, crystalline corridor with the red light of Mutei's star filtered lavender by the structure itself. It would have been gorgeous if not for the panic that accompanies forced immobility.

We were pushed into a domed room grown from dozens of different colored crystals blending seamlessly together. Voxis was stretching up and around an intricate pillar in the center of the room. All the various colors playing lazily along zir vines. "What is your name Weaver? And why are you here?" I didn't hear any malice in the term, but there are a lot of folk who only call a Ch'katri, "Weaver" when they wanna start fights.

The field dropped again "Rit'tlit Tk'ltlit, Ritt is fine. A hit squad invoking you got my lab raided and tried to liquidate my crew on Marash. I was kinda hoping for some retribution, but at this point I'd be pretty alright with an explanation and a friendly, 'Fuck off.'"

The End

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