I hadn't really expected the pedo plan to get us all the way through, but I'd at least hoped to find a better position to plan from before things caught fire. Grrk managed to recede into the console before they made it to the bridge, standard practice is for her to hide in the ship's hardware when we get boarded, just in case we need a surprise on our side. Often proved handy when someone came on board to take us into custody. Which the Enforcers did, with almost admirable efficiency.

You never really get used to being in an enforcement field. The combination of being both completely immobile and static in space (for easy prisoner transport) is deeply disconcerting. Fortunately, they didn't need to take us far. They pushed us out of the Net and into the Keeper's private dock, where Voxis waited for us vines a-writhing.

"Why did your man attack my enforcers?" Zir voice was thick with barely contained rage. Sensory blooms flared and drifted back and forth and I felt the field loosen around my head. 

"Umm, hes on a lot of drugs?" By then there wasn't much point left in lying... and I couldn't think of one that stood any chance of panning out. The Keeper twisted confusedly,

"Drugs? He just freaked out and disabled an armed squad of Enforcers. What the fuck is he on?" The rage in zir voice had been replaced by unmasked amusement, "Why were you impersonating child traffickers? You know we don't encourage child abuse here right? We're debauched, not monsters." And it was my turn to be surprised.

The End

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