Desperate BettingMature

His eyes seemed to focus as he nodded. "I'm more than comfortable following orders, Boss." I believed him, in a heartbeat Zid had gone from glass-eyed Dreamer to veteran soldier. Time to roll some dice.

"Fuck it. Tom, get him the Riftsplitter. We're playing hard to sleeze, follow my lead, don't kill anybody, and keep it to yourself until I say 'Boo'." I locked eyes with the kid hard, doing my best to make sure he understood. Just as I was starting to worry that his lucidity had been an elaborate ruse, Zid's eyes locked into a deep, abusive leer, and the most profane grin I've ever seen split his face. Newboy was a natural.

"Yep, that'll do it. Zid, have Grrk lead you to the docking bay and try way too hard to look tough, but don't loose that face it's perfect. Now fuck away off, gents. We've got business with the Keeper and there's still work to do." And we were off, almost like we knew what we were doing.

I made sure to get creeped back up before stepping back onto the bridge, just in case. Kath was doing final tune up on her suit's weapon systems while Phaa was busy harvesting spores to surprise our guests. Grrkish grew and twisted languidly on the control matrix. "Got Shaped in time to get through the scanner. I think they bought it, though I had to flub some of the lifesigns to make it in time. Should look like an internal error." I'll never get over all the weird shit shes capable of, a flowing crystalline mind with a powerful electromagnetic field. Hopefully, the fact that we were still whole was testament to her skill and not just us being lead deeper into the web.

The End

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