Lt. Izzidnay TillaryMature

After cleaning the drool off my face I was pretty eager to finally make sense of the well dosed former lawman and why he'd want to help us after his strangely abridged trip. The way to the galley was accompanied by the pleasant hum of the ship soured by the immanent likelihood of our tortured demise. The nerves had me fabricating equalizers by the time I met up with Tom.

Newboy popped up and whirled to face me before Tom got a chance to acknowledge my entrance. "Captain, Let me stay. I'll fight for you, I'm trained on shipsguns and I know some engineering. Please, I'm not done yet." The words poured from his lips in a strange, tripping rhythm that sounded like singing gone just slightly wrong. He was desperate in a way that I couldn't quite place, but his need seemed genuine. Perfect chance to live those Vagrancy values, right?

"What's your name, Sparky? Who were you before the flash, eh?" Even Sniffer's have stories, and his might help us work out how to deal with him.

"Zid, Captain. Lt. Izzidnay Tillary, formerly of the Marash Public Guard. I don't know what you gave me, but I'm not done yet. Let me help you so I can be done." His eyes were wide but lucid, and he didn't slur. Better to have him where we could keep an eye on him.

"Tom, get Zid here set up with a probationary bunk. Lt. Tillary is a Revealed, Astral showed him a hint to the truth and now he needs to see the rest. If we're lucky we're just the folks to set him on his path." Silently begging that this wouldn't be a mistake. "Zid, pay attention, follow directions and don't be a dickhead and we'll get on fine."

The End

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