Opening BluffMature

It wasn't hard to seem nervous as I did my best to sound horny and distracted through the rising bile. "Salutations, uh, Keeper Voxis, and a glorious day to your, ah, Righteousness. I am Captain Sqiit Sqaats of the Father's Shame, just a humble purveyor of nutritious and tasty rations." My 'palps flapped around excitedly and I tried to gesture laciviously at the holographic child. "I was told I was to bring this shipment to you personally, in no uncertain terms." Now, not every ranking Pusher piece of filth is a kiddy fiddler, not even every one stationed at a fucking Hole like Mutei. Offering a person in a position of authority a larval lifeform to sex at is a fantastic way to get their attention, pretty much regardless of their intents.

Voxis just stared a moment, then zir eyes dragged along the image of the heartbroken Fysillian infant and an unsettling shudder passed through the turgid, purple vines that the Keeper called a body. "You will pass through the scanner at the following coordinates. If you pass inspection you will be directed to a private dock. Stay aboard your vessel and transmit no signals until you are directed otherwise." The comm cut out with only a disconcerting glower to end the conversation.

I motioned for Grrk to make sure no one was listening. After a second there was a quiet "clear" from the intercom. "Grrk I need you to Shape a couple dozen children's lifesigns in the cargohold. Kath set up the Blackout for when they come aboard." I switched to personal and pinged Tom. "Hey, Shiney. Get our new friend to the galley, we'll debrief him and snack out while we wait to stick our genitals in the Protectorate's sharp pointies."

The End

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