Do you wanna buy some wheat?Mature

I did my best to adopt the sort of slimy leer you see on middle aged date-rapists and unrepentant extortionists as we galloped through the labyrinthine corridors of The Net towards the bridge. I spit on my pedipalps and rubbed it on my face to really sell the "uncomfortably moist" angle. We'd have to be spectacularly over the top to sell this.

"Tom, keep our new companion occupied and out of sight. This'll be tricky enough without him trying to keep up." We sped into the Bridge, me into my hammock and Tom picking up the human and disappearing out the opposite door with only a quiet "oh no," to mark their passing.

Grrkish projected the clear image of the dejected child next to my seat, and Kath draped herself salaciously over the half-bare shoulder. *Deep Gods, Ritt. Are we seriously doing this?* I felt the disgust ooze from her voice in my mind.

"I know, me too." I hissed at her through my fangs. "But it wasn't my idea to tell the Protectorate Vicelords that we were the worst smugglers in history. We'll need to manage both hard evil and completely inept. Hopefully, they'll just give us some shit and send us on our way. I'm going to be quite cross if I get busted for being a grainship." We took a moment to measure each other and gather ourselves. "Give me comms." And we saw the Pusher we'd come to see.

"This is Keeper Galtri Voxis of Protectorate Command for the world of Mutei. Tell me why there is an unscheduled Grainship tying up my port before I reduce it to vapor."

The End

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