But that had never stopped us before, and it sure as fuck wasn't stopping us now. I wandered to my bunk and flopped into the old web where I sleep. Of course, it was too much to hope to get some rest before we made planetfall. 

Grrk oozed a crystal out of my environmental controls accusingly. "Riddle, why is there a flashed out human on the Net." She's a little on the xenophobic side, not much, just... untrusting. Given how disconcerting our guest was to me I could only guess what doomsday scenario was working its way through her matrix. 

"He's fine, Grrk. He bellied-up a whole tac squad saving us. I can't speak to his endgame but he doesn't actually seem that flashed, just broken. And you should know I never turn away broken folk in need. 'Do what you are able,' and all that."

"And if he turns on us? Or goes junkie? Are you prepared to correct him?" She was the newest edition to the crew, never quite acclimated to the Law. The Vagrancy doesn't have fuzzy feelings for those who bail on the downtrodden. Admittedly, its also not like they have much in the way of an oversight structure, but whats an honor system with no honor.

"You know the way, Grrk. I'll take care of it if he flunks out." She seemed to hesistate, but her exit was a more confident and relaxed event that her arrival. Better yet, I managed a few beats of sleep before Mutei came into range.

The End

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