The Making of MuteiMature

Before long our wicked little idealogue had amassed a minor empire. An empire they used to end the scarcity and bigotry that plagued their species. With extreme prejudice. The rallying cry of the Protectorate was, "Peace, Prosperity, Joy, By All Means". It actually wasn't bad until the Tyrant died and their vision got co-opted, then it became more about the "By All Means" than the peace and joy bit. They set about homogenizing the galaxy with plasma fire and free food.

Now Pusher colonies spread far, pretty much only hindered by the harassment of Vagrancy Errants and the casual disregard of the vastly more advanced Consortium. There's a kind of uneasy equilibrium. Between the Consortium and the Protectorate pretty much everyone gets what they need, one way or the other, and the Vagrancy manages to keep a pretty fair swath of the galaxy free to live their lives as they please. 

Mutei is a Pusher world set up to exercise the vices of their more esoteric citizens. One of the first worlds colonized after the death of the Tyrant, it was always meant to give some of the sicker fucks (that the Tyrant hadn't managed to liquidate) hiding behind Protectorate uniforms a discreet outlet. Pedophiles, junkies, slavers, corpsefuckers and deep sadists in all shapes and sizes and not an ounce of currency on the fucking rock. They do their dirt for free on Mutei, comfortable that the Tyrant would light the atmosphere and watch them burn if They weren't dead. But They are. So every vice is fed to glut and outside trade is forbidden. 

Its not a place for folks like us.

The End

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