The StowawayMature

Our stowaway savior was already looking better, if you ignored the endless stare and the gaping hole in his belly. At least he wasn't bleeding out anymore.

"You are The Captain." His voice sounded like it ought to echo, I could even hear the capitalization like when someone is talking about a fucking king or something. The way he looked at me brought to mind one of those holos that are tuned to the individual for "privacy". The one watching is completely engrossed but all you see from behind them is a bunch of dancing rodents. No one has ever asked less of a question. 

"I keep this box between stars yeah. Phaa tells me that you're recovering well. Thanks for saving our bits back there. Do you remember how you got here?" Trying to downplay both the damage he took in the fight and the prospect of him maybe never seeing the same reality twice in a row again. 

He just sat there, smiling. Big creepy grin like the apes do you know? But wrong, more in the vein of someone whose getting ready to unhinge their jaw and get to work swallowing the nearest convenient moon.

Then just as I was about to wander off and leave him to whatever pretty colors the walls were playing today he reaches out and grabs me by the shirt. "You gave me a gift Captain, I didn't want it but its mine now. Help me figure out what it does." Then he dropped to the ground like someone cut power to his brain. 

The End

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