The BeginningMature

We didn't have much time to deliberate so I dragged him to the ship while Kath got the 'lock. Between him and Tom I could almost feel my joints bursting, but there was no way I was gonna let the guy who'd just shot up a bunch of fucking Pushers protecting my crew die alone in the night. 

As soon as we were aboard Phaa was out of zir hidey hole and to work fixing our new (I hoped) friend. I left zir to it and went about getting Tom set up in his bunk. Tom's quarters aren't quarters, he bunks in the engine room so as to have better access to the repair systems. A practical necessity considering his side job and a more than welcome sight in his current state. He'd be fine with a few hours in the fixer but I hate to see him all busted like that. I almost broke when he smiled at me through the closing armatures of the fixer. My only comfort was thinking about what Fi had done to the Promoters. That, and imagining all the ways I was going to express my gratitude to whatever shitspinning tyrant sent us that goodbye party. I had become quite convinced that nothing that had happened that night had been coincidental, and our scaly, headless assailant had been kind enough to put us on the right track. 

Grrk's deep baritone shook the hairs on my legs, "We're set to hop this rock boss, final checks complete. Are we running wild or do we have a destination?" 

Voxis was a pretty typical Peacepusher; Protectorate filth. Never run into zir before but you hear things if you pay attention, and from what I'd heard, if I wanted to get Voxis I'd have to go to zir.

I popped a few hits of Harmony to settle my nerves and took a deep breath. "We're going to Mutei"

The End

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